Mission - Members & Site Links

Our Mission: The mission of the Prince of Wales Health Network is to collaborate to improve 
healthcare on Prince of Wales Island. 

Our Vision: Our vision is for a sustainable and continuing partnership between the healthcare providers and communities of POW, resulting in improved access to care and optimal health outcomes for Island residents. 

Steering Committee (Links to websites provided)
Decisions for the Prince of Wales Health Network are made by a Steering Committee, which is comprised of representatives from each member organization. Application for POW Health Network Steering CommitteePOW Health Network Media Use Authorization Form.

Steering Committee members are:
Bess Clark
Brandy Pass 
Director of Children’s Mental Health Services

Dan Neumeister

Joyce Moore
Deputy Clinic Administrator Alicia Roberts Medical Center

Peter Rice 
MD, Medical Director PeaceHealth Medical Group
Dr. Patrick Ballard, DO
PeaceHealth Medical Group - Physician
Michele Budd
Vice President Ambulatory Services PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center

Mark Walker
Executive Director
(Serving Coffman Cove, Naukati, Whale Pass, Port Protection, Point Baker, Edna Bay)

Dr. Scott Brookshire

Julie McDonald 

Colleen Watson
RN, PHN III, State of Alaska Public Health Nursing

Community Members
William (Bill) Atland